No.8 Super Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheets

The surface finish on a stainless steel sheet, as produced by a mill, is generally the result of basic processing and hence the resultant is usually a very crude finish, either dull or bright. Mapple gives a new dimension to stainless steel by creating several surface finishes, which are specially designed & developed for aesthetic applications. We add innovative textures to the surface using various operations like polishing, belt grinding, buffing, shot blasting, titanium coating and etching. These textures are not only visually appealing but also beautifully tactile and are inspired by nature to abstract and graphic surfaces.



This is a buffed finish having a high degree of reflectiveness which can be done on all the grades of stainless steel. It is produced by progressively using finer abrasives and finally finishing with extremely fine buffing compounds. The final surface is blemish free with a high degree of image clarity, and is the true mirror finish.