About Us

Stainless Steel Design Sheets

NIXON STEELIUM is an importers, stockist & suppliers of stainless steel sheets, plates, coils, rods, pipes, wires, flats, etc.


Established in 1970 's the group pioneered the availability & use of Stainless Steel in India through their flagship concern steel supplier. NIXON STEELIUM is setup in Mumbai, marks the vertical integration of the stocking & trading activities of Steel Suppliers, in the field of Stainless Steel, into complete metal-cutting and finishing services.


NIXON is a full scale Stainless Steel service centre offering high quality processing adhering to demanding time schedules. The Company is stockist of quality stainless steel flats, sheets, tubes, rods, plates, pipes etc. At NIXON STEELIUM stringent inspection, quality control & testing procedures are adopted at various stages of stockist and supplier to ensure quality products.



Stainless Steel - all of it produced since the early 1930's & applied in architecture & building construction, is still in use - with hardly any demand on maintenance. Several beautiful structures across the world - which could be truly called masterpieces of art - stand testimony today to the strength, durability & formability of Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is most preferred material in India today by Architects, Builders and Interior Designers with unlimited applications. Widest variety and range in plain. coloured, textured and embossed stainless steel is available readily in India from NIXON STEELIUM.



Some of our specialties, which make us a preffered business partner for our clients are:

* Quality and innovation,
* Customization,
* Timely deliveries,
* Competitive prices,
* Excellent customer responsiveness,
* Unending pursuit of product, process and performance optimization.



* To encourage architects & designers to work with the stainless steel material.
* To expose & educate the building & interior decoration industry to the beauty & durability of stainless steel.
* To maximise application of stainless steel in the Architecture, Building & Construction fields.
* To make available the best in stainless steel to the Indian buyer from ready stock & in sufficient quantities.
* To take the Stainless Steel industries in India to international standards offering the entire gamut of services here.
* To work for the total satisfaction of customer needs & provide technical support through our know how.